MAYOR Giving Arlington Back To The People.


• Taxes

• Streets

• Education

• Police/Fire


I want to bring relief to small business directly effected by Covid-19. 
I would like to get in touch with some of the business owners that closed, and see what it would take to get the reopen. Then find resources to make that happen.

Make Arlington Family Friendly 

All the major cities around us have family friendly fun entertainment.
Fort Worth has
The Fort Worth Zoo
The Trinity Trails
The Water Gardens
Casa Manana 
Museums, drive in movie theaters the list goes on. 

What does Arlington Texas have in the middle of the City?

We have Texas live and Sports. Which is a great attraction for sports and night life..

But what about the families. We need something, something we can call our own. I want to build the Arlington Entertainment District which is firmly routed and created for families to go out and have some good family-friendly fun.

I would have a park, with a nature walk and center, a bowling alley, Arcade a Museum, and restaurants all centered around kids and family.
This would bring more jobs for the city, more income our citizens would spend more dollars here instead of going to other cities for this family fun.
But ultimately it would bring families to our great city.

Who is Kelly R. Burke

I am the Husband to a beautiful wife Lois Burke, a father to four wonderful children
Harmonee Burke 10, Kelly Burke 8, Abigail Burke 5, and Lilliana Burke 2.
I am a business owner Lois Burke and I own Mrs. Burkes Christian Academy and KRB FITNESS & APPAREL.
KRB Apparel Was founded in 2011 and KRB FITNESS in 2015.
I have started several businesses from scratch so I know how to stretch the dollar.
I graduated from Eastern Hills High School in 2000.
I Attended Texas Community College &
Tyndale Theological Seminary.
I am a certified personal trainer and have been working independently in the health and fitness industry for fifteen years.
I believe that God and family are the two most important things in a man’s life. If he can find God and build a family everything else is only a bonus to life.
I am a leader my father told me Burke men don’t follow and I teach my son the same.
I believe that if elected Mayor of this great City Arlington Texas  I will lead this city with the fear of God,  love of family, and the respect and honor of my fellow man.